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Giedrė Dukauskaitė

Not the Last Fashion Week


The Fashion Week of 2019 Fall was surely not the first one but might have been the last for a well-known model Giedre Dukauskaite. Carrying deep connection with the event, she jumped at the idea to freeze the Fashion Week in images, together with photographer Miriam Marlene Waldner capturing its wild pulse just as it is: chaotic and uncomfortable, but man... so energizing.

Not The Last Fashion Week is a photography book that mixes and blends continents, cities, fashion shows, faces, and feelings. This is an intimate look behind the thin wall, where lined up models await their turn to step on the catwalk, where layers of powder and hairspray hide naked souls and vulnerable bodies. Where the world‘s most famous designers, photographers, stylists, and models exchange conversations and ideas. Where it is strictly forbidden to enter.

By arranging the photos and her thoughts in chronological sequence, the author fits a month-long Fashion Week in this book. Giedre talks about this cultural phenomenon openly and emotionally, allowing us to travel with her and intimately experience her euphoric moments and deep lows. This book is only a fragment of her daily life, reflecting more than a decade in the high-end fashion industry.

Giedre Dukauskaite is a well-known Lithuanian model who works with the most luxurious fashion houses, including Givenchy, Dior, Hermès, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Prada. Raised in Slabada—a very rural and remote Lithuanian village of only a few hundred inhabitants, Giedrė moved to the opposite, called the New York City. There, at 18, she started her professional modeling career, lasting already over a decade. Currently ranked among the top 50 models worldwide and praised by the fashion pros for her exceptional personal style, Giedre did not find herself in Vogue covers overnight. It took a long journey, not always glamorous. As she says, in her job, same as elsewhere, every day requires strength, motivation, and recommitment to keep going, and most importantly—choosing what kind of person you want to be.