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Alice and the Garden


Alice and the Garden is a beautifully illustrated children's book that shares the importance and foundations of a plant-based diet through the whimsical story of a little girl named Alice.

Alice does not like to eat her vegetables. She feeds every single one on her plate to her trusty puppy sidekick, Ash, who is always happy to have extra snacks! But Ash can't eat ALL the vegetables in the house. So Alice makes a plan to get rid of them. After being caught trying to sneak the rest of them out in her red wagon, Alice is brought on a visit to her neighbor's garden to learn all about where fresh produce comes from. There, she learns the incredible powers of plants and sees firsthand the beauty of the garden. She is entranced by all the colors and shapes and sizes of every fruit and vegetable. Once she sees how magical a garden truly is, Alice learns to accept the fruits and vegetables that reach her plate, and of course how they can help her grow big and strong!

This story is intended for all ages, with the hope to encourage mindful, nutritious eating practices in every household. Once you read this book with your little ones, you can be sure that they will want to create a rainbow of colors on their plate for their next meal!