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Knygos ekrane

Knygos ekrane

Nuo pieštuko iki ekrano evoliucionavo knygos. Elektroninių knygų skaitytojams - epub formato knygos, atkeliaujančios į pašto dėžutę akimirksniu.

“In 2022, “hybrid”, “remote” and “flexible” became trendy words. The issue is that people have no idea what to expect when they hear these phrases. Does remote work really mean you can work from anywhere? Should you stay in the city in case you need to come to the office for meetings? What about working hours? Does everyone need to work the same hours or can you be flexible?

There are tons of questions that need to be answered. Now is the time for organizations to make decisions on how they plan to work and commit to it. I suggest making a choice as to whether you are a remote-first or hybrid-first organizations.”

Ilma Tiki. “Leaving the Base Camp”.